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Racing Helmet kits

Sampson racing radios helmet kits are designed to enhance communication between drivers and their teams during races. They typically consist of a S9 digital microphone, speakers or earbuds that are installed inside the driver's helmet, along with any necessary wiring and mounting hardware. Here are some of the very best racing radios helmet kits below:

Helmet Kits for Racing

It’s important to have a reliable network of professionals to succeed in any racing environment, and clear communication is one of the most vital aspects of any winning team. Drivers and their crews must be able to clearly communicate during a race, and drivers need a reliable 2-way helmet radio to stay safe and informed on the track. However, you don’t need an expensive new helmet kit to successfully communicate with your team members. Installing our helmet kits for racing in nearly any existing helmet saves both time and money.

SAMPSON Racing radios helmet kits are easy to install and work just as well as dedicated helmet radios. The kits from SAMPSON, such as the Pro S9 and the Racing Radios kits, are available in standard IMSA and NASCAR, with most of our helmet kits sold at discounted prices. In addition, off-road helmet kits are available for four-wheelers and motorcross. Order today or contact SAMPSON RACING RADIOS for more information.