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Stilo WRC DES Carbon Helmet

Stilo WRC DES Carbon Helmet

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Stilo Helmet

WRC DES Carbon
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Part Number: Stilo-WRC-DES-Carbon


Stilo WRC DES Carbon

This helmet has the same shape and fit as the WRC DES 8860 helmet, but without the extra thick 100% Carbon Fiber Shell. It's formed in the same manner as the 8860, but with a Carbon/Kevlar mix which yields a much lighter helmet that still carries the latest snell rating.

  • Kevlar/Fiberglass Mix
  • Integrated Microphone boom provides secure location for communications equipment
  • M6 Nut Integrated to Interface w/ Head & Neck Restraint Systems
  • Noise Attenuating Earmuffs
  • Visor Options


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