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For the Crew

Pit Crew Race Car Radios

Sampson Racing Communications offers top-notch pit crew race car radios for clear and effective communication during outdoor racing events.

Our crew radio kits are specifically designed to provide the clearest crew-to-driver communication possible. We understand that pit crews need to fully comprehend their driver's needs, and our radios ensure that every message comes through loud and clear.

We offer a wide range of crew racing communications equipment, including high-quality headsets, scanners, belts and bags, cables, and more. Our racing headsets are adjustable to accommodate any situation or configuration, ensuring that your crew remains comfortable and in full control of the race.

Equipped with powerful antennas, our two-way pit crew radio kits provide a range of up to two to three miles, allowing for seamless communication even in larger racing environments.

Built to withstand the demands of racing, our crew radio kits are reliable, versatile, and rugged. They are easy to set up and come with everything you need for races of any size and type.

Don't compromise on the quality of your communication systems. Choose Sampson Racing Communications for crystal-clear pit crew communications, competitive prices, and fast shipping. Stay ahead of the competition with our reliable and efficient radio kits.