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For the Crew

2-Way Pit Crew Radio Kits

Pit crews must clearly communicate with their drivers to best understand the driver's needs. Our crew radio kits are designed to deliver the clearest crew-to-driver communications for outdoor racing. We have crew racing communications equipment including the best headsets, scanners, belts and bags, cables, and more. We have racing headsets for the crew to adjust to any situation or configuration to keep your crew comfortable and in full control of the race. Our 2-way pit crew radio kits have a range of between two and three miles with more powerful antennas providing additional range.

Our crew radio kits are reliable, versatile and designed for the rugged use that comes with racing. Our radios are easy to set up and come with everything you need for races of any size and type. Don't get caught off guard with a cheap radio system that fails when it matters most. Buy our radio kits for crystal-clear communications today and enjoy our competitive prices and fast shipping.