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Two Place Intercom Communication w/ 2 OTH & 2 Way 50 watt Mobile

Complete 2 Place Intercom System w/50 Watt Mobile Unit, AR550, expandable intercom communications, Vertex VX-2200, Mobile intercom communications, VHF 50 watt mobile, Two way radio communications

Two Place Off Road 550 Intercom System with 2 Way 50 Watt Mobile Radio

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Complete 2 Place Intercom System w/ 50watt Mobile Unit

(AR550 (which allows for expansion) w/ 2 OTH Flex Boom Headsets & VX-2200)
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Part Number: 2-Place-550-OTH-w-Mobile


Two Place Intercom System with 50watt Mobile Radio

This Kit Includes the Following:

  • AR550 Intercom Unit
  • VX-2200 VHF 50watt Mobile Unit
  • 2 Over-the-Head, Flex-Boom Headsets
  • 2 12' Headset Direct Cables
  • VHF Antenna & Coax Cable
  • IPhone/Music Quick Connect Cable Port

    With the total RF blocking housing and clear filtered audio circuit, the AR550 has the clearest in car and car to car communications

    Vertex Mobile Features:

    • Powerful 50 Watt VHF 134-174 MHz
    • 8 Character Alpha Tag Display
    • CCTSS/DSC Privacy Codes
    • Remote PTT for Intercom on headsets
    • 128 Programmable Channel Groups
    • 3 Year Factory Warranty

    Intercom Features:

    • Transformer based platform
    • 2-4 Place Professional Intercom with the ability to expand up to 8
    • Aluminum extrusion housing for total circuit shielding
    • Total control VOX for clear communications in loud environments
    • Music In w/ Auto Muting and weatherproof cover
    • Detachable rear music/cell/audio port connection
    • Exclusive housing w/ adjustable depth and angle mounting
    • Precision tune mic gain control
    • High output amplifier for outstanding music listening
    • Isolated grounds for eliminating group loop issues

    Headset Features:

    • Stainless Steel Headband
    • Dynamic Noise Canceling Mic
    • Push to talk with waterproof cover
    • 3.5mm scanner/music port
    • 5 pin universal radio port
    • Large comfortable ear seals
    • High bend test cabling


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