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Wireless Racing Radios

Bluetooth 4.0 In-Car/Helmet Communications, Wireless racing communications, Bluetooth racing communications, hands free racing communications, in car wireless communications

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Wireless Racing Radios - Image 1 of 0
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Wireless Racing Radios - Image 1 of 0
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Wireless Racing Radios Incar System setup for 2way Radio

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Bluetooth 4.0 In-Car/Helmet Communications
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Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 In-Car/Helmet Communications is finally here!!!

Thanks to the latest Wireless/Bluetooth and the Advanced Digital Signal Processing (ADSP) technology this system offers the best sound quality for both in-coming and out-going sound in Racing Radio communication ever!
We have tested this system on both our 5watt and 20watt incar racing radio system and it works PERFECT!

This is a fantastic racing radio system that can be integrated into your current incar radio system or you can start fresh. Once you turn on your helmet and it syncs to the incar unit, mounted on your dash...you're done! There's no more having to plug in your helmet, you can run through your radio check while standing outside the car! Also, Bluetooth can interface with your phone and music as well.

On the crew side, we can also set up a Bluetooth headset (sold separately) which will offer duplex hands free communications with your driver (up to 100yd range) or be integrated into your 2 way radio system.

The Incar System Includes:
2-Way Radio to Drivers Helmet Interface Bluetooth 4.0 Module (Can be run with Li-ion rechargable battery and/or 12V in-car charger) - SRC-10R
5pin Standard Radio Adapter (mates with your current 2-way radio 5pin jumper)
3pin Standard PTT Adapter (mates with your current 3pin PTT coil cord) - SRC2.5PTT

The Drivers Helmet Includes:
Bluetooth 4.0 Complete Helmet Kit
Compact Li-ion battery with up to 10hrs on full chargethat mount to the helmet
Noise canceling mic with Advanced Digital Signal Processing (ADSP)
In-helmet Stereo Speakers
Volume control


Average Rating:
( 2 )
Billy Womack from Orange, CA
January 13, 2015
Perfect upgrade
I wanted to upgrade our current Vertex system and wireless seemed to be the way to go. I'm so happy with this setup. No more wires! The system works perfect. Just remember to turn off your phone while on the track ;)
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from Hillview Speedway
September 19, 2013
Wow is all I can say!
Ok it works! We are using this at our local 3/8 mile dirt track and have complete communications at all times. No more radios and cords! Just trun it on and your done.
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