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Record auto race communications from driver and crew radios AIM SmartyCam HD Garmin Catalyst Racing Performance Optimizer
Price: $159.00
AIM SmartyCam HD
Price: $999.00
Plug the SRC RaceAudio-REC in-line with any IMSA, Peltor or Off-Road style harness to helmet connection and record incoming and outgoing radio communications. Run an audio cord to an in-car camera or audio recording device and you’re good to go! unit works great with the new Garmin Catalyst.

AIM SmartyCam HD

This device is an industry-first, providing virtual coaching in real time and showing a calculated optimal lap. Real time coaching tells you how to go faster in each corner,
with audio instructions, so you can keep your eyes up at all times. This is a stark contrast to existing systems which only provide feedback after a corner or after your session. The Catalyst uses your measured optimal lap to guide you to your personal maximum performance, rather than the performance of a professional racing driver.