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Voice Record/Garmin/AIM Systems

Sampson Racing Communications (SRC) offers a range of innovative voice record, Garmin, and AIM systems designed to enhance driving performance and provide valuable data insights for racing enthusiasts.

SRC's Audio-REC system is a voice recording device that captures in-car audio during races. This allows drivers and teams to review and analyze communication between drivers, spotters, and pit crews. The recorded audio can provide valuable insights for performance improvement and team coordination.

SRC offers the Garmin Catalyst, a cutting-edge driving performance optimizer. This best racing device combines a high-definition display, real-time data, and coaching features to help drivers improve their lap times and driving skills. The Garmin Catalyst provides detailed performance analytics, predictive lap timing, and personalized coaching tips, optimizing performance both on and off the track.

SRC offers the AIM Solo 2, a compact and versatile data acquisition system. The AIM Solo 2 provides crucial information such as lap times, speed, and track position. It allows drivers to analyze their performance and make data-driven decisions to enhance their racing skills.

Shop these racing communication systems today from SRC to enable racers to optimize their performance on the track and achieve better results.



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    Record auto race communications from driver and crew radios
    Plug the SRC RaceAudio-REC in-line with any IMSA, Peltor or Off-Road style harness to helmet connection and record incoming and outgoing radio communications. Run an audio cord to an in-car camera or audio recording device and you’re good to go! unit works great with the new Garmin Catalyst.

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    AIM SOLO 2
    In Car Lap Timer

    Easy to use Data Acquisition

    Garmin Catalyst Racing Performance Optimizer

    This device is an industry-first, providing virtual coaching in real time and showing a calculated optimal lap. Real time coaching tells you how to go faster in each corner,
    with audio instructions, so you can keep your eyes up at all times. This is a stark contrast to existing systems which only provide feedback after a corner or after your session. The Catalyst uses your measured optimal lap to guide you to your personal maximum performance, rather than the performance of a professional racing driver.