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Helmet Set Ups



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    Helmet Wired Coil Cord to Kenwood or Baofeng Radio With In-Line PTT
    IMSA Helmet Wired Coil Cord to Kenwood or Baofeng Radio With IN-Line PTT. Easy connection to Crew Radio

    SAMPSON RACING RADIOS sparco Club DOT helmet
    Perfect DOT helmet for off road use and over the wall crew members

    AR550 BT Intercom Module
    Bluetooth 4.0 In-Car/Helmet Communications

    In Car Wireless Bluetooth Setup
    AR502 Intercom 2 Place System
    AR502 Off Road 2 Place Intercom
    System was built for Road Racing Instructors, Off Road, Rally and Marine communications between 2 people when high noise or wind is a issue.
    2 Place Intercom Communication System
    Complete 2 Place Intercom System for Rally, Off Road and Road Racing

    (AR502 Intercom w/ 2 Speaker Helmet Kits)
    This 2 Place Coaching, Off Road or Rally Intercom is set up for 2 helmet kits.
    Portable 2 Place Intercom built for coaching, off road or rally communications is the latest high quality professional intercom in the industry.

    2 place 9v portable or 12v intercom, VOX control, Volume control, Mic gain control, Music in and audio out, ready for 2way radio and remote driver -co-driver PTT
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