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Helmet Set Ups



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    AR550 BT Intercom Module
    Bluetooth 4.0 In-Car/Helmet Communications

    In Car Wireless Bluetooth Setup
    SAMPSON RACING RADIOS sparco Club DOT helmet
    Perfect DOT helmet for off road use and over the wall crew members

    This 2 Place Coaching, Off Road or Rally Intercom is set up for 2 helmet kits.
    Portable 2 Place Intercom built for coaching, off road or rally communications is the latest high quality professional intercom in the industry.

    2 place 9v portable or 12v intercom, VOX control, Volume control, Mic gain control, Music in and audio out, ready for 2way radio and remote driver -co-driver PTT
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    Helmet Wired Coil Cord to Kenwood or Baofeng Radio With In-Line PTT
    IMSA Helmet Wired Coil Cord to Kenwood or Baofeng Radio With IN-Line PTT. Easy connection to Crew Radio

    AR502 Intercom 2 Place System
    AR502 Off Road 2 Place Intercom
    System was built for Road Racing Instructors, Off Road, Rally and Marine communications between 2 people when high noise or wind is a issue.
    2 Place Intercom Communication System
    Complete 2 Place Intercom System for Rally, Off Road and Road Racing

    (AR502 Intercom w/ 2 Speaker Helmet Kits)
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