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TEKK/Midland Radios

Coil Cords

Headset coil cords provide essential connections for seamless communication in the racing industry. Sampson Racing Communications offers a range of headset coil cords designed to connect racing headsets to radios, ensuring clear and reliable audio transmission.

The TEKK Midland is a crew headset coil cord specifically designed for handheld devices. It features a two-pin connection for reliable communication between the headset and the handheld device. Another popular option is the Tekk coil cord, which provides a secure and durable connection for racing applications.

For versatility and convenience, the Crew Headset Coil Cord w/Inline PTT Universal is an excellent choice. This coil cord includes an in-line push-to-talk button that works with any radio, allowing users to communicate effortlessly without the need to hold a separate microphone.

Headset coil cords from Sampson Racing Communications are essential accessories for efficient and effective communication in the racing industry. Whether it's the TEKK Midland Coil Cord or the Crew Headset Coil Cord w/Inline PTT Universal, these cords provide reliable connections and improve communication capabilities for racers and pit crews alike. Get yours today!



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