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Sampson Racing Communications is proud to offer Stilo helmets, a leading brand in the world of motorsports safety. Stilo helmets are designed with cutting-edge technology and superior materials to ensure maximum protection and comfort for racers.

These racing helmets are lightweight yet incredibly durable, providing unrivaled head and face protection. Stilo helmets feature advanced ventilation systems, allowing for optimal airflow and cooling during races. The innovative design also minimizes wind noise, ensuring clear communication and concentration on the track.

In partnership with Stilo, Sampson Racing Communications goes the extra mile by offering free installation of race car communication systems with the purchase of a Stilo helmet. This service enables seamless integration of communication devices into the helmet, allowing drivers to easily communicate with their team and receive critical information while racing.

Trust Sampson Racing Communications for the highest quality safety products, including Stilo helmets, and take advantage of the added convenience of free installation of race car communication systems. Experience uncompromised safety and performance with Sampson Racing Communications. Order today.



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