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Nitro Scanners for Racing Radios Quick Guide
Last Updated: 07/18/2012
Sampson Racing Radios introduces 2 new scanners the Nitro Scan and Nitro Bee which are no bigger than a pager, but offers price, comfort and features sure to appeal to the Racer as well as the Fan.

(1) The Nitro Scan is a uhf scanner that can be programmed to pick up frequencies in the range of 450-470mhz range. It can also be programmed with CTCSS and DCS tones. The user can save up to 5 frequencies. With the Lock function the users can listen to a single channel or scan through all saved channels. This means the user can program to most any 2-way radio. The Nitro Scan is great for a Driver how is mandated to listen to race control or a Racing Fan who wants to listen into the communications of his favorite driver and Crew Chief.

(2) The Nitro Bee is a single channel uhf receiver with channel lock, capable of being programmed in the 450-470mhz frequency range. It's no bigger than a small pager and comes with a Holster Clip and Stereo Ear Buds. Many race-sanctioning bodies are requiring their drivers to have such receivers so that the race officials are able to communicate directly with the drivers in case of an emergency or during restarts for re-gridding to speed the show along. The reason this type of single frequency receiver is required, is because many sanctioning bodies don't permit use of 2-way radios between the driver and crew, for fear that they may be used to gain an advantage or aid in blocking.

In all forms of racing, radio communications by the competitor is becoming more than just a luxury, they are becoming a necessity and in many cases are required by the sanctioning bodies. The new Nitro Scan family of scanner/receiver & accessories address these needs directly for the Racer as well as the Fan.

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