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SRC Mini 8900 25W Mobile Unit 20 Watt Vertex VX2100 2 Way Mobile Unit Rugged Digital mobile VHF/UHF radio
SRC Mini 8900 25W Mobile Unit
Price: $245.00
Sale Price: $225.00
Savings: $20.00
Digital MD-9600 Mobile Radio
Price: $379.00
Sale Price: $324.00
Savings: $55.00
Featuring a dual band transceiver and a built in jumper the 25 watt MINI 8900 is ready to be used in both road racing and off road applications.
Vertex Standard VX2100

20 Watt Mobile Unit UHF
Digital Dual-band radio with pure racing or off-road communication power... Built for rugged use. Yes I can hear you now! Comes pre programmed with all your favorite racing freq!
Rugged 100 watt mobile VHF off road radio Motorola CM200D UHF 20watt Digital Mobile Radio Motorola CM300 Digital
SRC UV-100
Price: $359.00
100watts of pure off road communication power... Built for rugged use. Yes I can hear you now! Comes pre programmed with all your favorite off road racing freq! ***NEW for 2018*** Motorola CM200 Digital 20w UHF model with 16 channel capacity. CM200 operates in both analog and digital modes and is compatible with your existing radios. The Motorola CM300d Digital Radio. This radio outputs 25 watts of power allowing for plenty of range for communication at the largest racetracks around the world. The alphanumeric display allows programming of channel team names for easy identification when changing channels. It also offers compatibility with DMR Teir II radios such as the CP200d and EVX series of radios.

5WATT, 20WATT, 50WATT & 110WATT Racing Radios

We have the very best mobile radio units and repeaters for crew to driver communications. Whether you’re looking for 5, 20, 50, or 110-WATT amateur mobile radios, we have the most versatile and durable radio kits designed for rugged racing environments. Our digital racing radios for both UHF and VHF frequency bands have all the built in features you need to operate a fully functioning communications system for your racing team and work right out of the box. Whether you need analog or digital modes, our amateur mobile radios for racing have the technology to transmit signals clearly and without interruption.

Our mobile radio units are powerful, versatile, and built to last. Our radios are made using the highest quality materials to ensure they can withstand everything you throw at them. Shop around the find the perfect mobile radio units for your team or contact us for expert help finding what you need before you buy.