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VHF Car Roof Antennas & Mounting Kits

Are you looking for VHF antenna mounting kits for your vehicle or racecar? We have the very best VHF racing antennas and mounting kits for rugged outdoor racing applications. Our portable VHF radio gear provides clear communication between pit crew and driver, and our mounting kits install in minutes. VHF radio antennas operate between the 30 and 300-megahertz range and are ideal for line-of-sight communication. All of our VHF racing antennas are powerful and built to deliver the clear communication you need with your team on even the most modest budget.

Our VHF antennas and mounting kits are easy to use, work great in virtually any environment and are built to last. These VHF racing antennas plug directly into your existing radios for immediate, clear communication. Shop now to find the perfect VHF radio antenna for your team, or contact us for help finding exactly what you need before you buy.