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Security & Surveillance

Security and Surveillance Lapel Mics and Earpieces

Upgrade your security and surveillance operations with Sampson Racing Communications' top-of-the-line accessories. Our lapel mics and earpieces are designed to ensure that you are always heard, even in the most challenging environments.

Whether you're in law enforcement, private security, event management, or any other field where effective communication is vital, our accessories are trusted by professionals like you. With compatibility options for Vertex, Motorola, Midland, TEKK, ICOM, and VXD-720, you can find the perfect accessory for your specific communication needs.

Our lapel mics provide clear and crisp audio transmission, guaranteeing that your messages are heard loud and clear. The comfortable and reliable ear pieces allow for discreet and efficient communication, ensuring that you never miss important information.

Built with the latest technology and designed to withstand rugged conditions, our security and surveillance accessories are perfect for your demanding job. Trust Sampson Racing Communications' proven track record in providing top-notch accessories that enhance safety and communication.

Upgrade your security and surveillance gear today with our optimized lapel mics and earpieces. Stay connected, stay safe. Choose Sampson Racing Communication!



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