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Communication Systems and Safety Equipment for Drivers

Sampson Racing Communications offers high-quality Scanner Headsets for those who want to stay connected and informed during races. Our Listen Only Behind-The-Head Crew Headset is a popular choice among racing enthusiasts and professionals.

Designed for comfort and convenience, our Behind-The-Head crew headset provides a secure fit that allows for long periods of wear without discomfort. The 3.5mm coiled mono cable ensures tangle-free operation and easy connection to your scanner or radio.

Equipped with a scanner jack, our headset allows you to plug directly into your scanner for listening to race updates and communications. Stay in the loop and never miss important information during intense racing events.

With a built-in volume control, you can easily adjust the audio levels to your preference. Whether you prefer a more subtle background noise or a louder, immersive experience, our headset allows you to tailor the volume to your needs.

Experience clear and reliable audio while staying connected to the action with Scanner Headsets from Sampson Racing Communications. Enhance your racing experience and never miss a beat with our high-quality Listen Only Behind-The-Head Crew Headset.