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IMSA Student Helmet Kit

IMSA Wire Helmet Kit, IMSA Student Helmet Kit, Sportsman Play Pack IMSA Helmet Kit, IMSA Wired - flex boom w/ Speaker

IMSA Student Quick Install Helmet Kit

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IMSA Wire Helmet Kit
Part Number: HK-I-QI


IMSA Quick Install Helmet Kit
IMSA Wired - Easy Install under helmet
This unit was developed as an professionl helmet kit communication solution for student instruction. Perfect for HPDE racing instruction, Chump Car and Lemons where multi-driver teams need a cost effective helmet kit. The ease of installation couldn't be simpler! Quickly slides into helmet between ear cup and the front area with a true flex boom microphone that adjust to your mouth. Plug it into your car harness or intercom and your ready to go!

The Quick Install was designed to be a soilid, affordable, replaceable, and interchangeable with intercom and in car road racing systems. For best performance, position the mic as close to your mouth as possible.


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