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Crew Headsets

Racing Crew Headsets offered by Sampson Racing Communications are top-of-the-line racing communication solutions for racing teams. These racing crew headsets are designed to deliver clear and reliable communication, enabling seamless coordination and enhancing the overall performance of pit crews.

The Dual Radio Headsets are a standout feature of Sampson Racing Communications' product line. These racing crew headsets allow teams to connect to multiple radios simultaneously, ensuring efficient communication across different channels. With crystal clarity and noise-canceling technology, these headsets enable clear and uninterrupted communication even in loud racing environments.

In addition to the dual radio functionality, these racing crew headsets are ergonomically designed for comfort and durability. The adjustable headbands, padded ear cups, and lightweight construction make them comfortable to wear, even during long races or practice sessions.

Sampson Racing Communications understands the unique requirements of the racing industry, and our racing headsets are built to withstand the demanding conditions of the track. The quality and reliability of these racing crew headsets make them an essential tool for racing teams looking to maximize their communication effectiveness. Order online today.



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Crew Headsets

All SAMPSON headsets not only offer 24dB and 26dB rated hearing protection but also complete noise cancelling mic to work in loud working conditions. We also have a complete line of wireless and Bluetooth communications.

Offering headsets that work from audio racing to air boat communications, Sampson Racing headsets has what you need!