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2-Way Pit Crew Radios

At Sampson Racing Communications, we understand that clear and effective communication between drivers and pit crews is crucial for racing success and safety. That's why we offer top-of-the-line 2-way pit crew radios.

Our wireless pit crew radios are designed to provide the clearest communication possible while keeping your team mobile. These portable radios have a lightweight construction, making them ideal for boats, stock cars, motorcycles, and all other types of racing applications.

Equipped with crewmember headsets, our pit crew radios allow for hands-free communication, ensuring that your team can provide real-time information to drivers without distractions. Each of our wireless pit crew radios comes with a portable 5-watt radio, charger, headset with pivot boom and scanner jack, as well as a detachable coil cord.

Our crewmember headsets and radios are built to last and come with everything you need for clear communications right out of the box. They are used by experienced racing professionals who demand the best from their equipment.

Shop our selection of 5-watt pit crew radios to find the best fit for your team, or contact us for personalized assistance in finding the right equipment. Trust Sampson Racing Communications for reliable, high-quality communication systems that will give your team a competitive edge on the track.